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At Professional Services Group, we provide comprehensive solutions for all business sizes and types with proven results. Imagine having a business partner that can really make a difference. A partner that is committed to your success. Someone who can make a positive impact on your business your goals and with your staff. Someone who can help you finally control the beast that is the cost of business.

From establishing your firm, getting your EIN, to incorporation to getting set up with all state and federal agencies including the South Carolina Department of Revenue, the South Carolina department of Workforce we know the next step. We’ll help you get your South Carolina Retail Sales License and if you need it a South Carolina Liquor License.

PSG is a partner for established companies, entrepreneurs, start-ups and large enterprises. With our team of focused and determined experts, we can help you maintain and reach all your business goals-on time and under budget. Get the powerful impact of our expertise

  • Improved employment practices
  • Reduced time and costs
  • Reduced liability
  • Achieve objectives and reduce risk
  • The team of experts who are on your side

Focus your energy on your business, not on administration

  • Less paperwork and headaches
  • Enhanced human resources
  • Payroll and tax administration
  • Business tax programs (WOTC)
  • Business insurance
  • Pay as you go workers compensation
  • Retention of key employees
  • Safety and lost control programs
  • Improved, customized benefits packages
  • Valuable time savings
  • Expert compliance
  • Lower employee costs
  • Claims management
  • Reduced employee turnover

PSG has the tools and capabilities and make it easier for you and your business to succeed in today’s business market

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